President HICHILEMA Makes Changes To Service Commissions, DEC

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has made changes to various Service Commissions and the Drug Enforcement Commission -DEC.

President HICHILEMA has appointed CHOOLWE BEYANI as Chairperson of the Civil Service Commission.

He has also appointed RODRICK CHEWE and Ms. GLADYS PHIRI SELEMANI TAVARIS as members of the commission.

And President HICHILEMA has moved Mr. MWAMBA PENI from the Emoluments Commission to Cabinet office as Permanent Secretary Special Duties.

The Head of State has further appointed BEATRICE LILUYA MPANGA as Deputy Director General of the Drug Enforcement Commission.

Others appointed are AKALAMWA SUMBWA as a member of the Local Government Service Commission and RONALD HICHIBULO as a member of the Teaching Service Commission.

ANTONEILL MUTENTHWA has been appointed as a member of the Police Service Commission, while FELIX NGOMA has been appointed as Commissioner at the Police Public Complaints Commission.

Meanwhile, the President has transferred TOM SILWINDI from the Correctional Service Commission to the Police Service Commission, SIMON KABANDA from the Police Service Commission to the Correctional Service Commission in their capacities as Commissioners.

This is according to a statement issued to the media by Chief Communications Specialist at State House CLAYSON HAMASAKA.

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