Chola Mwamba

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has intensified its inspections of abattoirs, butcheries and meat outlets amid concerns that some of the meat sold in the city and on the streets comes from non-food animals, such as dogs.

The Food Safety Act No. 7 of 2019 mandates the Local Authority to protect the public from health hazards and fraud in the sale and use of food.

Therefore, the Council will ensure that anyone found selling meat without relevant documents, including certificates of inspection and source of animal, as well as the necessary permits and veterinary clearance, will have their meat confiscated and destroyed.

The Local Authority also appeals to vegetable growers in the city who use sewer effluent to water their crops to stop this practice immediately.

Residents must cooperate with the Council to safeguard public health, regardless of the nature of their businesses.

The Council urges all food traders in the city to maintain high standards of hygiene and ensure that the food they sell is safe for human consumption.

The Local Authority will not hesitate to enforce the guidelines stipulated under the Food Safety Act and the Public Health Act.

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