Mpika, Friday (January 26, 2024)

Mpika’s Chibuyesonde Ward Councilor Charles Mutale has denied allegations that he has resigned from his position as Councilor.

Mr. Mutale said PF Founder Late Michael Chilufya Sata emerged from Mpika of which a resignation would be betrayal to his Vision.

He has vowed to remain strong in PF for him to grow further in his leadership skills.

The Councilor said he was shocked to receive a phone call from a Times of Zambia Journalist asking him to state reasons for his resignation, an allegation he denied.

Mr. Mutale said the money being used to buy Councilors should be used to lower the cost of mealie-meal.

He urged PF Councilors to remain United in opposition as theirs is to be a voice of the poor majority.

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