In a touching gesture of respect and gratitude, Zambia Air Force Commander Lt Gen Colin Barry paid a surprise visit to the first indigenous Zambia Air Force Commander, Lt Gen Peter Zuze (RTD), on the occasion of his birthday. The visit was marked by reminiscences of years of service, and the presentation of a special hamper to honour Gen Zuze’s on his birthday.

Gen Barry, accompanied by a small delegation, arrived at the General’s residence, surprising him on the afternoon of his birthday. The visit was an embodiment of the deep appreciation Gen Barry holds for the legacy and commitment of his predecessor.

Gen Zuze (RTD), who served as first indigenous Zambia Air Force Commander few years after our nation’s independence, was visibly moved by the thoughtful gesture. The two Commanders spent quality moments and exchanged warm greetings and engaged in heartfelt conversations, reflecting on the historical significance of their roles in the defence of Zambia and their indescribable passion for flying. They caught up and rekindled on their tremendous moments on the trainers and fighter aircraft. And then they laughed and cheered each other on as they talked about breath taking aerobatic manoeuvres such as spins, the loop, the rolls, the yaw, the banks and several knife edge flights.

Gen Barry, speaking on the occasion, expressed his profound gratitude to the Former Commander for his pioneering leadership and the significant role he played in shaping the Zambia Air Force. The current Commander highlighted the historical importance of the first indigenous commander’s contributions, which paved the way for subsequent generations.

As a token of appreciation, Gen Barry presented Gen Zuze (RTD) with a specially curated hamper, symbolizing the unity and shared history of the Zambia Air Force. The hamper was a customised collection of local and international goodies and a personalised birthday card.

Gen Zuze (RTD) visibly touched by the surprise and the thoughtful gift, expressed his gratitude for the acknowledgment of his service. He emphasized the pride he felt in witnessing the continued growth and professionalism of the Zambia Air Force under Lt Gen Colin Barry’s leadership.

The Current Commander expressed his commitment to upholding the values instilled by Commanders like Gen Zuze (RTD), ensuring the Zambia Air Force continues to soar to new heights.

The surprise visit and the honouring of Gen Zuze (RTD) stand as a testament to the enduring bond among Zambia Air Force Commanders, transcending time and celebrating a legacy of service to the nation.

Indeed Gen Barry’s heart-warming visit acknowledged a lifetime of dedicated service of Zambia’s first and indigenous Zambia Air Force Commander to the nation – Lt Gen Peter Zuze (RTD) undoubtedly not only the pride of the Zambia Air Force but the Nation at large.

From all of us at Zambia Air Force, Happy Birthday once more General Sir!

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