Lusaka City Council-LCC Public Health Inspectors have embarked on a routine health inspections on schools in the City to check their compliance levels on the cholera guidelines towards the response measures to the spread of the epidemic.

In a statement this morning, LCC Public relations Manager Chola Mwamba said the routine Inspections of public places including learning institutions is a part of the long-term measure to avert the outbreak of pandemics such as cholera and COVID 19 in the City.

She said Schools are therefore implored to adhere to the stipulated standards such as ensuring that the learning environment is clean and safe for conducting lessons, the schools should have provision for chlorinated water for drinking, clean sanitary accommodations and hand washing facilities.


Ms. Mwamba noted that the learners must be encouraged to embrace mind-set change of avoiding hand shaking as they welcome their fellow learners back to school and are advised to uphold high standards of hygiene.


She further stated that Schools are urged to put strict measures on the sell of foodstuff and beverages within the school premises especially by outsiders.


She since implored members of the public to work closely with the Local Authority in keeping the City clean in order to win the fight against perennial cholera outbreaks.


“Anyone found wanting of abrogating the Statutory Instrument-SI No. 5 of 2024 will face the law.” Ms. Mwamba said

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