THERE was drama at the Matero Local Court on Tuesday when two men physically fought after they both claimed to have fathered a two-year-old child from a woman aged 18.

Bizeck Tembo, 21, and Lemmy Mubusu, aged 20, could not control their anger when the court ordered that a DNA test should be conducted to ascertain who the biological father of the child was between the two men.

After the court’s ruling, Tembo and Mubusu both started demanding custody of the child saying DNA was a waste of time.
When they walked outside the courtroom they started exchanging blows, attracting the attention of other people within the court premises before the court clerk told them to leave the place.

The woman at the centre of the paternity puzzle was Tita Banda. In this matter, Tembo sued Mubusu for reconciliation over paternity of a child.

Tembo said three years ago, Tita, who was his girlfriend, informed him that she was pregnant for him and after a few weeks her relatives took her to his house so that he could take care of her since he was responsible for the pregnancy.

“I started staying with Tita at my house from the time she was two months pregnant to the time she gave birth. But after the birth of my child this man (Mubusu) started claiming that the child was his and not mine. We used to fight whenever we met,” he said.

Mubusu also claimed that Tita went to his house to inform him that she was carrying his child.

After the two gave their statements, magistrate Gaston Kalala asked Tita to stand before the court and asked her to tell the court who the father of her child was between the two men.

But Tita who was hesitant at first pointed at Mubusu as the father of her child.

“Mubusu is the father of the child. Yes, I was sleeping with both of them, but I think Mubusu is the father. I told them both that I was pregnant for them, because I was confused at that time,” she said.


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