Adonsi Ward Councilor Toivo Tambula says his area in Mwandi District, Western Province, has no borehole or dam for all five schools.

Mr. Tambula said people in his Ward are struggling with water because of high salinity levels making water taste salty.

He has since appealed to Government and the donor community to assist people in his Area that rely on a shallow well.

This came to light when Zambia NGO WASH Forum officials visited the school as part of the implementation of a project dubbed ‘Civil Society for Improved WASH Services supporter by the Danish People’s AID.

And Adonsi Primary School Headteacher Mukwai Nyambe said pupils, teachers and community members that use water from the only shallow well suffer from diarrhoea diseases.

Mr. Nyambe said teacher retention is a challenge because Civil Servants fail to cope up with the situation.

He said the situation is worsened by the dry nature of the area which falls in an Ecological Zone number 1, that experiences drought.

Mr. Nyambe said the school came up with a water harvesting system which only lasts for four months.

He has since appealed to well wishers to assist the school to broaden storage facilities for a roof rain water harvesting system.

Mr. Nyambe said the school needs a concrete built underground water storage facility to a tune of 120 000 litres which can service the school for the whole year.

He said this can be achievable with a solar powered water pump to allow the school to have running water.

Other residents, Victor Siloka and Melody Akafekwa stated that members of the community share the only water point with animals such as goats, cattle and donkeys.

This is contained in a statement issued by NGO WASH Forum National Coordinator Bubala Muyovwe.

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