General Ronnie Shikapwasha shot and allegedly in critical condition in Lusaka’s Maina Soko.

It is alleged that several organs have been destroyed, spleen removed, ribs shuttered, short gun Palates stuck around the heart and part of large intestines destroyed.

Circumstances and details of the shooting remain unclear.

He is lying critically wounded from the gunshot at Maina Medical Centre.

Shikapwasha was one of Zambia’s finest fighter pilots and served as Zambia’s Airforce Commander.

He also served as MP for Keembe constituency.

Shikapwasha also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Home affairs and Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services.

He is also presiding gospel minister of the Jesus Is Life Ministry.

And Party of National Unity and Progress (PNUP) leader Highvie Hamududu recalled how Rev. Lt Gen. Hon Ronnie Shikapwasha then in parliament was ever reading the bible on his ipad!

Mr. Hamududu said the towering giant, and when he stood up to speak once in a long while, it was a speech full of grace, rare man he became after his new birth experience in the Lord!

He has since prayed to the Lord have mercy upon him.

And Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga disclosed that the police was following up the matter and will soon issue a press statement to inform the nation.

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