Water scarcity has hit Sinazeze Village in Sinazongwe District, Central Province, where the impact of climate-induced water scarcity is pronounced.

Centre for Environment Justice – CEJ Sinazongwe District Coordinator Jeff Kayamba says families now rely on depleted wells in Binkiti Stream for their water supply. 

He said of particular concern is the disproportionate effect on women and girls who must contend with shared access to shallow wells, often alongside livestock. 

Mr Kayamba said the prolonged disrepair of the sole borehole within the village exacerbates the community’s limited access to clean water. 

He said a notable lack of awareness regarding the right to clean water among community members hinders the pursuit of viable solutions. 

Mr Kayamba the repercussions of inadequate water and sanitation infrastructure extend to impeding the education of children, particularly girls, in rural areas like Sinazongwe.

He said the compromised health and vulnerable circumstances of these children, predominantly girls, while engaged in water collection activities, pose substantial threats to their overall well-being. 

Mr Kayamba said there is an observable pattern of protracted journeys undertaken by individuals, often children, in search of water sources located at considerable distances from their residences.

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