Lusaka City Council (LCC) Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba said the government has awarded Skills Development bursaries worth K5,652,241.00 to 688 applicants in Munali Constituency.

In a statement, Ms. Mwamba noted that the bursary scheme, which has been made possible using funds from the 2024 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Bursaries Component, will see youths in the Constituency get a chance to change their livelihoods for the better.

She said this initiative further aims to reduce illiteracy and poverty levels in the constituency and the country as a whole by empowering youths with skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to the country’s economic growth and development.

Ms. Mwamba has since appealled to parents and guardians in vulnerable homes, particularly those with special needs, to visit the Ward Development Committee (WDC), Member of Parliament, Councillors, and Council offices whenever the Council advertises such opportunities.

She said the skills development and secondary boarding sponsorships will assist in enabling underprivileged children and youth have access to compete for opportunities.

“We further recognize that children with special needs have often been marginalized and excluded from such initiatives. We thus remain committed to ensuring their inclusion and empowerment, hence the need for parents and guardians to take interest in such programmes.” She said

And Ms. Mwamba said the Skills Development Bursaries will empower youths with vocational skills, enhancing their employability and encouraging entrepreneurship and self-reliance, adding that this will ultimately improve their livelihoods and reduce poverty.

Additionally, Ms. Mwamba noted that the Secondary Boarding Bursaries will provide access to quality education for vulnerable students, supporting those from low-income households to pursue their academic goals and enhancing their academic performance and career prospects.

“By providing these bursaries, the government is investing in the future of the country’s young people and contributing to the development of the community. The Lusaka City Council believes that every individual deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential, and we remain committed to making that a reality.” Ms. Mwamba said

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