Nchelenge, Thursday (May 2, 2024)

A Socialist Party (SP) investigation has revealed that hundreds of UPND supporters are currently stranded in Nchelenge after being denied the opportunity to replace their lost voter cards.

SP Director Research Dr. Lawrence Mwelwa said findings have indicated that three unregistered motor vehicles and one registered light truck carrying the UPND supporters arrived in Nchelenge yes morning.

Dr. Mwelwa said by 21:00 hours last night, the group was reported to be at the Mweru Guest House, trying to find something to eat as they had not had any food since arriving.

He said the UPND supporters were taken to Nchelenge to obtain new National Registration Cards (NRCs) and replace their lost voter cards.

He, however, said during a stakeholder meeting, it was announced that there would be no replacement of lost voter cards, and that individuals who had lost their cards would only be able to do so during the 2026 voter registration exercise.

Dr. Mwelwa said despite this, the UPND supporters are still in Nchelenge attempting to obtain new voter cards.

He said a UPND supporter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told a reporter that they had spent the entire day, but nothing had been done to address their situation.

This is contained in a statement issued by SP Director Media Brian Hapunda.

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