Police in Lusaka have arrested 35-year-old women of old Kanyama Compound whose identity has been withheld for assaulting her 9-year-old biological daughter.

In a statement this morning, Police Public Relations Officer Rae Hamoonga said Kanyama Police Station, under the Victim Support Unit yesterday received a distressing report at 17:00 hours, concerning an assault on a female juvenile aged 9.

Mr. Hamoonga explained that the victim bravely revealed to victim support officers that she had been subjected to severe burns by her biological mother at their residence on April 12, 2024, around 16:00 hours.

He said according to the victim’s account, the victim sustained multiple burns all over her back and buttocks as a result of the assault, inflicted using a cooking stick and brazier.

Mr. Hamoonga explained that the incident occurred following an accusation by the now-suspect, who accused the victim of stealing money from the house.

The Public Relations Officer further explained that in response to the accusation, the suspect physically assaulted the victim with a cooking stick before attempting to further harm her by placing her hands on the burning brazier.

Mr. Hamoonga said in the struggle that ensued, the victim fell onto the blazer, resulting in severe burns and the gravity of the situation was exacerbated by the suspect’s attempt to deceive police by falsely claiming that the victim had sustained injuries from a fall.

Mr. Hamoonga said upon further investigation and the victim’s courageous disclosure, the truth came to light, leading to the arrest of the suspect for the offense of assault on a child.

“In response to ensuring the victim’s safety and well-being, she has been relocated to a safe home where she will receive the necessary support and care. Additionally, a medical report has been issued to document the extent of her injuries, and a comprehensive investigation is underway.The suspect has been detained in custody.” he said

And Mr. Hamoonga urged members of the community to remain vigilant and report any instances of child abuse or violence promptly.

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting the rights and safety of all children in our society.” Mr. Hamoonga said

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