Government has disclosed that Zambia’s internet connectivity levels have moved upwards to 58 percent this year following the appropriate incentives and tax concessions for the ICT sector.


Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati said the tax incentives provided that were aimed at providing a conducive business environment has enabled the ICT sector to invest in digital infrastructure which has now enabled Zambia to be among the most connected country in Africa by fibre network.


Mr. Mutati said he is therefore hopeful that Beeline, which is a Zambian majority owned company will take advantage of several efforts by government to establish an enabling environment for them to commence operations of Zambia’s fourth mobile network ZED MOBILE within reasonable timelines, as committed.


Speaking at the inaugural ICT, Postal and Courier Services awards on Friday evening, Mr. Mutati commended the sector for delivering increased internet in Zambia from around 53 percent to 58 percent in 2023.


The Minister said Zambia is among 13 countries in Africa that has been able to deliver 5G internet and among the 10 countries across the continent to have Starlink internet deployed.


He said going forward, government is taking up proactive steps to eliminate 2G internet because its desire going forward is to have all communication towers enabled with 4G internet.


“We are eliminating 2G because we want all towers to be internet enabled. Every tower from now on will only be 4G and upwards internet enabled. We have a duty to use ICT as an enabler to deliver change to the people of Zambia” Mr. Mutati said.


And Mr. Mutati has disclosed that Zambia’s Postal and Courier Service business has gone up by 70 percent this year.


He said as a result, the country is now able to create jobs and new enterprises that never existed before and this is attributed to the appropriate incentives and tax concessions provided through this year’s national budget.


“Government is committee to ensuring that it continues to attract and retain investments into the ICT sector. This is premised on its intention to facilitate growth in the sector as well as create the needed jobs for the Zambian people. In this regard, the Ministry of Technology and Science working with ZICTA continues to make strides aimed at providing a conducive business environment for investment” he said.

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