The two sodomites that were recently caught in the act recently in Lusaka gave the police false information about their identities.

February 28, 2024-

The Zambia Police Service would like to inform the public that on February 27, 2024, during the course of investigations on a matter reported at Kabwata Police station involving the offence of unnatural offence, it was uncovered that the individual initially identified as Chisenga Chanda, aged 20, of Matero, provided false information regarding his identity.

It has been revealed that his actual name is Brighton Banda, aged 25, of New Avondale, and he is a third year Student Nurse at a named institution.

Additionally, another individual, Matthews Kabwe, aged 20, of Matero, has been found to have given false information about his identity.

His actual name is Darius Musukwa, aged 20, of Kamwala South, and he too is a third year Student Nurse at a named Institution.
Both individuals have been additionally charged with the offense of giving false information to a Public Officer Contrary to Section 125 of the Penal Code Act Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia. As a result, they are currently detained in police custody.

The Zambia Police Service emphasizes its commitment to upholding the law and ensuring the accuracy of information provided during investigations.

We urge the public to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and to refrain from engaging in activities that may obstruct or impede the course of justice.

Rae Hamoonga

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