LUFWANYAMA based Catholic Priest Father Andrew Chewe Mukosa sets the record straight.

LUFWANYAMA based Catholic Priest Father Andrew Chewe Mukosa has set the record straight stating that no political party should gain mileage from his preaching on societal justice.

Fr Mukosa says the message preached on Holy Saturday of the Easter period should not be taken advantage of as he stays loyal to his church, the Catholic Church.

He has also clarified that today, April 9th, he is not appearing for police summon as is being purported because the summon was withdrawn and so he does not expect anyone to be in attendance.

“My message is purely social justice. And my message should not be taken advantage of or used by any political party. My message is pure and I said it because I am a priest and I preach in church. I am not aligned to a political party or affiliated. I have not been paid by anyone and I am not a member of any other political party,” he said.

He also confirmed that as a priest, he is not vying for any political position nor looking for monetary funds.

“I have seen on Facebook people are using my message for so many things, but to tell you the truth, I am a priest who turned to social justice and so tomorrow (today) April 9th, 2024 I was summoned to go to police, but it was cancelled and I do not expect anyone to be there,” he said.

Fr Mukosa added by thanking the State and everyone involved in the cancellation of the statement which was a misunderstanding.

He further added that Zambians should remain peaceful and not be divided.

“Do not gain political mileage from my preaching. I am loyal to my church,” he said.

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