The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has expressed concern over the increasing number of billboards being erected in the city beyond the approved placement timeline.

In a statement this morning, Lusaka City Country Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba directed all advertising agencies, companies, and clients in the billboard business to strictly adhere to the approved permit guidelines issued by the local authority as failure to comply will result in severe consequences.

She urged all advertising agencies dealing in outdoor advertising to conduct their business within the confines of the law and guidelines provided by the council’s Directorate of City Planning.

However, Ms. Mwamba stated that advertising permits will only be issued to businesses that follow the correct procedures. Any deviation from the approved guidelines will not only disturb the public but also result in loss of revenue for the Local Authority.

She reminded all stakeholders that compliance with the regulations is crucial to maintaining a clean and organized city.

And Ms. Chola encouraged all advertising agencies and clients to work with us to achieve this goal.

“As a local authority, we remain resolute to ensuring that businesses, including those in the advertising field, thrive.” Ms. Mwamba said

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