Minister of Home Affairs, Jack Mwiimbu says Petauke Member of Parliament Emmanuel Jay Banda is in stable condition and currently undergoing medical checkups at the Maina Soko Military Hospital in Lusaka.

Speaking in a statement this morning, Mr. Mwimbu assured the nation the safety of Petauke Mp who is Hospitalised at the Maina Soko Military Hospital for medical evaluations.

And Mr. Mwimbu appealed to the public not to be misled by malicious reports saying it is irresponsible and malicious to make baseless allegations against the government regarding this matter.

Mr. Mwimbu however assured the nation that the police is thoroughly investigating the matter, and the truth will be brought to light.

He since urged the public to remain peaceful and not be swayed by inflammatory statements.

“Let’s work together in peace and avoid hate speech or tribal remarks arising from this incident. When one of the leaders of the UPND was abducted together with his children, we allowed the due process of law to take place without making allegations against the government. The same police force that investigated that case is now handling this investigation, and we have full confidence in their abilities.”

“I appeal to the public to refrain from making divisive statements. Zambia has always been a united nation, and we must all measure our statements for the sake of national unity. Now that Mr. Banda has been found alive, we will thoroughly investigate this matter and ensure those responsible are held accountable.” Mr. Mwimbu said

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