Police cells can’t scare me, I went to the labour room three times – Saboi

NDC leader Saboi Imboela says she is ready to be picked by the police after today if they really want her arrested.

Speaking at the Citizen’s First press briefing this morning, Imboela claimed that Government cited her for defamation when she had not said anything.

She said the police should be ready to arrest her as of today as she is ready to speak instead of operating on guess work.

“If you want me that bad come and pick me after today because as of today that’s when I will say something. I’m not scared of the cells, I have three children, there’s nothing that can scare me if I went to labour,” she said.

Imboela claimed that the current Government likes seeing the opposition in cells to silence them.

“They feel happy when people are in the cells. During PF, women used to be very safe. Since you are looking for more people to lock up come and get me,” noted Imboela.

Zambian media, June 6, 2024

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