Thursday, June 13, 2024 

A young Environmental Advocate, Peter Chola Mwanalesa, has praised Zambia Environmental Management Agency – ZEMA for the quickest response to a collapsed stabilization pond at the site of the former Chimetal Manganese Washing Plant at Kabundi in Serenje District, Central Province. 

ZEMA, two days ago, dispatched a team for a fact finding mission in Serenje following the incident. 

Mr Mwanalesa said the incident in the Muchinda Chiefdom had raised fears of potential ecological disaster.

He said the collapse had resulted in pollutants spilling into the Luombwa Stream, a vital waterway for both the community and the region’s diverse aquatic species. 

Mr Mwanalesa said the contamination posed a significant risk to the health and well-being of local residents and wildlife, sparking urgent calls for action.

The Environmental Advocate has since praised President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND Administration for granting more autonomy to ZEMA to execute its mandate without due influence. 

Mr Mwanalesa further praised Centre for Environment Justice – CEJ for the Resilient Initiatives for Sustainable Environment  – RISE Project supported by Bread for the World – Germany for building capacity among Serenje residents to identify and report environmental rights abuses effectively. 

His plea underscores the need for responsible mining practices, especially given the district’s history of environmental and human rights challenges linked to mining operations.

Mr Mwanalesa said the situation demanded a swift and effective response to protect the community and preserve the natural heritage of Serenje District.

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