Lusaka, Saturday (May 4, 2024)

Socialist Party (SP) Director Media, Brian Hapunda, has described the just ended by-elections, all scooped by the UPND, as a sham.

Mr. Hapunda observed that the elections were marred by violence, vote buying and intimidation by the ruling party.

He disclosed that SP participated in seven of the nine by-elections that saw Cabinet Ministers and District Commissioners deployed to man the wards.

The SP Director Media added that the SP could not participate in the Gwembe and Kabompo By-elections because their candidates were kidnapped on the day of filing in nominations.

Mr. Hapunda further revealed that an SP Candidate was kidnapped on the day of filing in nominations in Luangwa District but that residents fought running battles with the UPND thereby managing to rescue her.

He, therefore, thanked people in the areas where the by-elections took place for the support rendered to the SP.

“We thank the people who stood with us during the moments of difficulty as their support shows that SP and it’s President, Dr. Fred M’membe, have been accepted because they are on the ground campaigning. Even though we did not win, people placed us at a good number two showing that SP is the second strongest party on the ground in Zambia as things stand today. We are a party that is providing an alternative Government to the UPND as a Government in waiting. We want to remind the UPND that they can only do so much imingalato in the by-elections because the whole Government machinery moves into the by-elections to help the ruling party win but the ball game is different when it comes to the General Election because each candidate will be on their own campaigning. Come 2026, it will be difficult for UPND to win seats because candidates will be on their own,” he said.

Mr. Hapunda was of the view that the UPND should have allowed all opposition political parties to participate and campaign freely for them to gauge their popularity correctly.

“The SP and Dr. M’membe have given the UPND a run for their money in the by-elections that they keep inducing in the Country. SP will continue participating in the induced by-elections because we believe that it is our right to do so regardless of the intimidation that we go through in the field,” he said.

The SP Director Media vowed that his party will democratically remove the UPND from office in 2026 with the support of the people of Zambia.

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