Lusaka, Wednesday (June 19, 2024)

Minister of Science and Technology, Felix Mutati, says India has given Zambia 170 scholarships.

Mr Mutati stated that the scholarships will focus on developing skills in Artificial Intelligence.

He further disclosed that the government has successfully attracted significant investment in digital infrastructure within the private sector following the removal of import taxes in 2023.

Furthermore, Mr Mutati said the government plans to connect all secondary schools to the internet, recognizing its critical role as a foundation.

The Cabinet Minister revealed that revenue collection by the government over the past three years, has increased by over 50% with the assistance of AI, as evidenced by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

Mr Mutati made these remarks during his presentation titled ‘Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Zambia’s Economic Growth’ at a Public Lecture on the Future of AI in Africa and the Pre-Global AI Summit Launch held at the University of Lusaka, organised by Compu-Connect Education Group.

In an earlier address, University of Lusaka Vice Chancellor, Pinalo Chifwanakeni, emphasized that the world has transitioned from landline phones to mobile phones, and the future lies in AI.

Prof Chifwanakeni highlighted that AI benefits humanity when used responsibly.

At the same event, Compu-Connect Education Group Executive Officer, Sarah Luyele, emphasized Zambia’s unique position to leverage AI for economic growth, improved healthcare, enhanced education, and sustainable development due to its youthful and dynamic population.

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