Nyimba Constituency aspiring candidate Aaron Mwanza has praised the partnership between the church and government for their collaborative efforts in driving the country’s developmental agenda.

Speaking in Nyimba constituency yesterday during the induction service of Rev. Brian Musongole at St. Marks Congregation of the United Church of Zambia (UCZ), Mwanza expressed happiness while,highlighting the significant role religious institutions play in national development.

Mwanza stated that he was thrilled by the commitment of religious groups to spearhead development in Zambia. He emphasized that the efforts of churches in providing essential health and education services have had a substantial impact on communities across the nation.

“We understand that the United Church of Zambia has numerous programs supporting communities, such as healthcare and education facilities built across the country,” Mwanza said.

The aspiring candidate’s remarks underscored the critical contributions of the UCZ in particular. The church has been instrumental in establishing hospitals, schools, and other social amenities, which are vital in improving the quality of life for many Zambians.

Mwanza noted that these contributions are in alignment with the government’s goals of enhancing public welfare and promoting sustainable development.

In his speech, Mwanza also appealed to Rev. Musongole to engage actively in addressing social issues within the community. He highlighted the need to combat illicit activities such as early marriages, defilement, rape, and gender-based violence. Mwanza urged the new Reverend to use his position to foster a safer and more equitable community, leveraging the church’s influence and outreach capabilities.

The induction of Rev. Musongole marks a significant moment for the St. Marks Congregation, signaling a renewed commitment to community service and development. The church’s active involvement in social issues is seen as a vital component of its mission in Zambia, a nation that declares itself a Christian country.

This status underscores the expectation that religious organizations will take a leading role in societal improvement and moral guidance.

The role of the Church in Zambia is multifaceted, extending beyond spiritual guidance to include tangible contributions to national development.

As a Christian nation, Zambia relies heavily on the moral and social influence of its religious institutions to promote values and initiatives that align with the country’s developmenta objectives.

This partnership between the church and government is crucial in fostering a holistic approach to national progress, ensuring that both spiritual and material needs of the populace are met.

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