28th January, 2023

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has ordered Sunsweet Breweries Limited, located in Chinika area to stop operations for breaching multiple Public Health Laws.

In a statement today, LCC Public relations officer Nyambe Bulumba said the order follows an inspection conducted by Public Health Inspectors who went on the ground to ascertain the prevailing conditions of the business premises.

He said the inspection revealed that the company was operating in unsanitary conditions, contrary to the Food Safety Act No. 7 of 2019, affirming that there was evidence of a full septic tank, dirty and stained toilets, and overflow of effluent into an open environment.

Mr. Bulumba noted that the company also violated various regulations, some of which border on poor waste management, contrary to section 27(5) of the Waste Regulation and Management Act No. 20 of 2018; no provision of lockers for the workers in changing rooms, contrary to the Public Health Act cap 295 of the laws of Zambia; and unkempt surroundings, contravening the Public Health Act cap 295 of the laws of Zambia.

He said the firm failed to provide evidence of various certificates, such as a fire certificate for the warehouse, health permit, business levy, food handlers certificate, and legal documentation from the Local Authority, contrary to the Local Government Act No. 2 of 2019 as read together with Statutory Instrument No. 70 of 2011, at the time of inspection.

And the LCC Public relations officer stated that the company has been fined and directed to institute corrective measures for all the said anomalies cited by the LCC Public Health Inspectors before resuming operations.

He said if the company fails to comply, the council will have no option but to revoke the licence or take legal action against the firm at the fast track court at the Civic Centre.

Mr. Bulumba has since urged all companies operating within its jurisdiction to comply with public health guidelines and regulations governing businesses in the country.

He  also appealed to members of the public to continue reporting any company failing to operate within permitted public health standards, for quick intervention by the council.

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