January 29,2924

Chikankata area Member of Parliament Jacqueline Sabao has expressed happiness with the construction of the maternity wing at the Chileka East clinic in Musaya ward.

Speaking when she toured Musaya ward of Chikankata Constituency, Ms. Sabao said the newly constructed maternity wing has provided a clean and conducive environment to promote safe motherhood, aimed at reducing maternal and child mortality.

She also explained that the development will help curb cases of expectant mothers delivering from their homes.

He charged that the construction of the ultramodern facility in the area signifies the government’s commitment to taking health services closer to the people.

She explained that the annex is expecting to serve over four thousand people, which includes the locals and people from nearby districts.

She further thanked President Hakainde Hichilema for recognizing and respecting the welfare of mothers through his pronouncement of ensuring that each health facility has a maternity anex.

The lawmaker has also underscored the need for the users of the facility to guard it against all forms of vandalism so that it serves its intended purpose.

And speaking at the same event, Mwandi Area Member of Parliament Sibeso Sefulo thanked the government for the continued increment of the Constituency Development Funds CDF, which she said is changing a lot of communities through improved infrastructure.
She said that CDF funds have enabled the construction of annexes and schools, among other massive development projects for local communities.

She also welcomed the construction of an annex in Musaya ward of Chikankata Constituency, adding that, being a mother, she is always delighted to see such infrastructure in every constituency.


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