Monze Town Council conducts field appraisals for Community Projects.

Monze Town Council is conducting field appraisals for Community Projects as part of their 2024 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) funded projects.


Council Public Relations Officer Kanchele Kanchele said the aim of these appraisals is to determine the feasibility of proposed projects by local communities. This


He explained that the field appraisals includes among others assessing whether the necessary resources, such as land and other requirements, are available for the projects implementation.


He noted that the CDF Committee in Moomba Constituency has proposed over 17 projects to be carried out in the Constituency.


Among the projects being appraised are the construction of 1×3 Classroom Blocks at St Patrick’s School in Mwanza Central ward and Lusumpo Community School in Chona ward.


Additionally, a 1×2 Classroom Block is planned for Mundanda in Mwanza West Ward. The Committee has also given the green light for the construction of a school laboratory at Ntambo Mixed School and Mwanza Basic School. Furthermore, proposals for two Staff Houses at Chona Basic School have been put forward.


In addition to school-related projects, the CDF Committee has also assessed the rehabilitation of two dams, namely Rusangu and Hakabilo dams. It is crucial to invest in the maintenance and improvement of these water sources to ensure their sustainable use and benefit for the local communities who’s main economic activity is livestock and general farming.


Furthermore, the CDFC has included the bush clearing of 11.5 kilometers of the Kasaka-George farm road as a project. This road improvement will enhance transportation in the area, facilitating the movement of goods and people. Lastly, the completion of the Chona police station is also on the agenda, ensuring the safety and security of the local community.


The appraisal process being carried out by the Monze Town Council and the subsequent approval of these projects by the CDF Committee highlight the commitment to community development and improvement in the Moomba Constituency. These projects will not only enhance the education sector but also address infrastructure and safety needs in the area. The successful implementation of these projects will contribute to the overall progress and well-being of the local communities in Monze.

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