The European Union EU has commended Zambia for the efforts the country is making in improving its transport sector, especially the railway.

EU Delegation on Railways Director General for International Partnerships HENRIK HOLOLEI says EU is ready to assist Zambia with finances to ensure railway transport is fully operational again.

Speaking when an EU delegation called on Transport and Logistics Minister FRANK TAYALI, Mr. HOLOLEI said the partnership with other stakeholders of TAZARA is evidence of Zambia’s willingness to operationalize all modes of transport.

He said revamping the railway sector will be a game changer for Zambia’s economic transformation.

Meanwhile, Mr. TAYALI said his ministry has submitted to cabinet to repeal the railway act to allow other players to come into the sector.

He said Zambia appreciates all the support from the EU and will endeavor to continue strengthening ties.


Credit ZNBC news

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