Southern Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Namani Monze has emphasized the importance of having a united vision and a shared sense of purpose as the District embarks on its development journey.

Speaking during a review meeting of the Monze District IDP held at Monze Civic Center, Dr. Monze stressed the need to understand the District’s goals and targets outlined in the Integrated Development Plan (IDP).

He said by familiarizing themselves with the IDP, the government officials aim to ensure that the right projects are implemented to uplift the district.

To further enhance the understanding of the IDP and its impact, Southern Province administration has dispatched a team of experts who are in the company of the PS to conduct a comprehensive review of the plan.

This review aims to assess the effectiveness of the IDP’s projects and interventions, particularly in relation to land use.

Dr. Namani Monze expressed keen interest in understanding the projects that would maximize the District’s comparative advantage and promote sustainable economic growth.

District Commissioner Mwanza Malambo echoed Dr. Namani Monze’s sentiments, emphasizing that their primary duty is to deliver on the expectations of the local population.

Mr. Malambo stressed the importance of ensuring that the people of Monze directly benefit from the projects being undertaken.

The government’s dedicated approach to the development of Monze District bodes well for the community’s future prospects.

By focusing on the most pertinent projects and interventions, the IDP aims to enhance the district’s comparative advantage and stimulate economic growth.

With the emphasis on delivering tangible benefits to the people, the authorities are working tirelessly to transform Monze into a thriving and prosperous district.

As the review of the Integrated Development Plan progresses, the PS is confident that the projects implemented will align with the district’s needs.

By focusing on the right initiatives, Monze is poised to attract investment, foster job creation, and uplift the living standards of its population.

The commitment and determination exhibited by Southern Province Permanent Secretary, Dr. Namani Monze, and District Officials will undoubtedly lay a strong foundation for Monze’s continued progress.

The meeting was attended by the Monze Council Chairperson, Officers from the Local Authority, and Heads of Government Departments in the District.


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