Kabushi, Kwacha By Elections Set For October 21st,2022

Kabushi,Kwacha By Elections Set For October 21st,2022

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has set October 21st, 2022 as the date on which it will hold the Kabushi and Kwacha Parliamentary by-elections.

The by-elections in the two constituencies on the Copperbelt were halted by the Lusaka High Court in order for the matter involving the former parliamentarians’ eligibility to be disposed off.

In a joint statement issued by ECZ Commissioners ALI SIMWINGA, VINCENT MUKANDA and NDIYOI MUTITI, the commission says the campaign period for the by-elections will run from today until October 20th, 2022.

They have stated that since the two independent candidates who had withdrawn from the race have now rescinded, the commission has gone ahead to decide on the way forward.

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