BRITISH High Commissioner to Zambia, Nicholas Woolley, says he is highly impressed with the adapting agility of Zambia Sugar PLC in its business processes especially in using new efficient irrigation technology amid the effects of Climate Change.

Speaking to the media, Tuesday morning after a tour of the plant the previous day, High Commissioner Woolley praised Zambia Sugar for being such a trail blazer that has a self-sufficient Value Chain within the country.

He stated that being able to grow their own cane and process it to finished products ensures that no jobs are exported outside the country, hence benefiting the local community.

High Commissioner Woolley added that Zambia Sugar’s robust business approach was yielding benefits for the country including the generation of US$200 million in export income that the company earns for the country per year.

He observed that the Company’s performance is testament in the community too through the manner benefits are flowing to various needy areas where the Company operates as well as the whole economy.

He also stated that apart from the investment in Zambia Sugar, the British government remains committed in supporting the country in various sectors of social security.

Woolley, additionally stated that plans were underway to assist farmers with Climate Smart Agriculture including use of equipment to help them navigate changing times.

And speaking during the same interaction, Zambia Sugar PLC Managing Director, Oswald Magwenzi, regretted the impact of the current drought and power crisis on Smallholder Cane Growers.

He nevertheless remained confident that the Company which has recorded over K1-billion profits for the last three years will thrive, further guaranteeing that the situation will not result in job losses for its over 7, 200 direct employees, making it one of the highest private employers in the country.

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