Transparency International Zambia-TIZ- has expressed concern with the commercialization of elections over the years which has eroded the country’s democratic system.
Speaking during the Public and Business integrity meeting which is seeking for a political party legislation and campaign financing model today, TIZ Chapter President Sampa Kalungu notes that the lack of a legal framework has made it difficult for relevant stakeholders to make political parties and its leaders accountable especially revealing their sources of funding .
Meanwhile, Kalungu reveals that TIZ is pushing for a legislation which seeks to put in place a law to secure funding for Political Parties during election campaign.
He says this would deter politicians from compromising with the established laws of the land , but campaign with integrity.
Kalungu observed that the lack of a legislation on the source of funding for all Political Parties has also caused aspiring and serving Political leaders to operate beyond their mandate in an effort to satisfy their electorates on the ground.
Meanwhile,lead Project Coordinator Chimuka Nachibinga says TIZ is working with 10 political parties so far in raising awareness on the need to provide a legislation that speaks to funding for Political Parties adding that the idea is work in progress.

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