APRIL 18, 2024 –

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has instituted a market inquiry into the commercial poultry industry in Zambia pursuant to Part 5 of the Competition and Consumer Protection Act (as amended) read together with Part 3 of the Competition and Consumer Protection (General Regulations) 97 of 2011.

In a statement today, CCPC Senior Public Relations Officer Mubiana Nalwendo said the purpose of the market inquiry is to review and understand how the commercial poultry industry operates, in order to determine whether there exists any feature, or a combination of features, that may have the effect of preventing, restricting, or distorting competition; or have elements of unfair trading practices in connection with the supply or acquisition of any goods or services in the commercial poultry industry in Zambia.

Mr. Mubiana explained that the market inquiry has been necessitated by concerns raised by the public which include perceived high prices for feed and day-old chicks and chicken products notwithstanding the relatively self-sufficiency of Zambia in soybeans and maize from local production, and increased investments in breeding operations.

He said the perceived high prices and reports of shortages and slow recoveries post the COVID-19 pandemic seem not to be consistent with increased industry exports more so given that Zambia is a regional hub with exports to regional markets for Day Old Chicks, broiler day-old chicks, and hatching eggs.

Mr. Mubiana underscored that this market inquiry is an analysis of the industry, including the market structure, market outcomes, and relevant policies and regulations, rather than a narrow review of specific conduct by any firm.

“It will focus on market structure and outcomes, along with any arrangements that may restrict, prevent, and distort competition or result in unfair trade to the detriment of consumers.” He said

And Mr. Mubiana called on all interested stakeholders who wish to participate in the Commercial Poultry Market Inquiry to make formal submissions to the Commission through written submissions, submission of documents, or appearance before the Commission.

“The submissions must be in line with the Rule of Procedure for the Market Inquiry which can be accessed on the Commission’s website. The Commission shall, after the market inquiry, publish its findings and advise on the appropriate course of action.” Mr. Mubiana said

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