LUSAKA, Thursday, February 1, 2024 – MINISTER of Transport and Logistics Hon. MUSEBA FRANK TAYALI, MP is elated with the high interest demonstrated by the Japanese Government in the development of the transport and logistics sector in Zambia.

Mr. TAYALI says Japan’s keen interest in seeing Zambia’s transport and logistics sector developed, demonstrates a strong bond of cordial relationship that has been in existence in the past 60 years.

He says the aspirations of the New Dawn Administration is to make Zambia the hub in the transport and logistics sector namely, railway, air, road and maritime sub-sector.

The Minister was speaking this morning when Japanese Ambassador to Zambia, His Excellency TAKEUCHI KAZUYUKI paid a courtesy call on him at the Ministry Headquarters.

Mr. TAYALI hailed the Government of Japan for its serious and high level of integrity that was demonstrated in the concessional funding of the port works at Nacala in Mozambique, describing it as commendable.

He says one of the ways of enhancing the logistical component in the transport network in Zambia is by setting up of inland dry ports in areas such as Chipata and Kapiri Mposhi.

Mr. TAYALI requested the Japanese Ambassador to assist Zambia develop infrastructure port facilities in Nacala and Beira considering that Zambia has already been given land by the Mozambican Government.

And Ambassador TAKEUCHI says transport and logistics is everything that a country requires for its development as it is crucial hence the need for Zambia to have access to the ocean.

He says since the Lobito Corridor has been a centre of discussion lately, there is need for the issue of the Nacala Corridor to be given serious consideration because it is also very critical.

Ambassador TAKEUCHI described the Nacala Corridor as extremely important especially for access to the Asian and Middles East countries and asked the Minister to consider it.

He says his country is ready to work with the Zambian Government in seeing to it that Nacala Corridor is given the needed attention for the need to support the development of Zambia’s transport and logistics sector.

In agreeing with the Japanese Ambassador, Hon. TAYALI intimated that Zambia welcomes the offer by Japan to assist with the development of the Nacala Corridor and Zambia has since started the ratification process of the Nacala Corridor Agreement.

Mr. TAYALI Also emphasised the need to do a last mile feasibility study for linking the railway network that comes from Nacala to TAZARA.

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