Luangwa District takes action against destruction of Public Property

Luangwa – 20th June, 2024

Luangwa Town Council has expressed deep concern regarding the destruction of waste collection bins that were recently installed at specified locations within the Luangwa District Township Central Business District (CBD).

In a statement today, Luangwa Town Council Public Relations Officer Annedy Longwe warned those responsible that they will face legal actions against the destruction of public properties which is a serious offence.

Ms. Longwe said the Director of Planning Department, Mr. Emmanuel Nyoni said that the destruction of public properties is a significant obstacle to our developmental efforts, particularly in terms of waste management.

Ms. Longwe noted that the procurement of waste collection bins was made possible through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in order to enhance the district’s waste management practices.

She since urged members of the public to be vigilant and report any individuals involved in such distractive behavior.

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