M’membe Wants to Abolish Constitutional Order.


By Clayson Hamasaka

Fred M’membe wants to abolish the Zambian constitution, rule by decree, in the unlikely event he becomes president.

We have noted with grave concern that leader of the globally defunct socialist movement in Zambia is propagating an idea of appointing Zambian traditional leaders into roles not provided for under the current constitution of our republic.

The Zambian constitution is very clear in terms of the role and place of our traditional leaders.

Traditional leaders are important custodians of our national cultures, traditions and customs and it is for this reason that the UPND government is investing heavily in the uplifting of their palaces including improving their conditions and benefits and those of their support staff.

The UPND government will therefore not trivialise the important position our traditional leaders hold in the country by reducing them to partisan politics as Mr M’membe is doing, all in the interest of scoring cheap and dangerous political points.

Our chiefs play a very important role in safeguarding our national cultures and traditions and ultimately preserving our national identity and heritage and the UPND has no intention of reducing this solemn responsibility bestowed upon them as is being carelessly suggested by the well established power hungry, divisive M’membe who once labeled an entire tribe as a Bantustan.

He is back as he did when he ran his newspaper to try and divide the nation, all in the name of his short sighted hunt for votes.

Our Constitution is very clear in terms how the executive functions of our government are distributed. The Republican President, with his appointed Cabinet, is mandated by the Constitution to execute all executive functions of the government, alongside the other two arms of government, these being Parliament and the Judiciary.

Therefore, the spurious idea Mr M’membe is suggesting to start reducing the solemn role of our respectable royal highnesses into menial government administrative work is not only disrespectful to them but also goes against the provisions of our constitution.

We therefore would like to warn Zambians to be alert that Mr M’membe has by his statements confirmed that in the very unlikely event that he ever gets elected as president, he will rule by decree and not as provided for in our constitution.

Mr M’membe intends to replace the supreme law of our land with his whimsical and personal petty ideas so he can introduce unconstitutionalism to our country.

He is a danger to our constitutionalism and our nation and Zambians must stay awake against this professed and known divisive figure as his reputation of attempting to divide Zambians can be traced back to his failed newspaper days.

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