Detention of Honourable Munir Zulu and Mr. Brebnar Changala

May 27, 2024-
The Zambia Police Service wishes to inform the public of the detention of Honourable Munir Zulu and Mr. Brebnar Changala.

Honourable Munir Zulu has been detained for an alleged offence of hate speech. This action follows an investigation into statements made by Honourable Zulu that are deemed to incite hatred and division among various groups in our society.

Hate speech is a serious offence that undermines national unity and peace, and the Zambia Police Service remains committed to upholding the law and ensuring that such actions are addressed appropriately.

Additionally, Mr. Brebnar Changala has been detained for the alleged offence of seditious practices.

This follows evidence gathered indicating that Mr. Changala engaged in activities intended to incite rebellion against the authority of the state.

Seditious practices pose a significant threat to national security and public order, and the Zambia Police Service will take all necessary measures to prevent such actions and maintain stability in our nation.
Both accused persons, Honourable Munir Zulu and Mr. Brebnar Changala, are currently in police custody. They will appear in court soon to face the respective charges brought against them.

The Zambia Police Service urges the public to remain calm and refrain from making speculative statements that could exacerbate tensions. We are dedicated to conducting our duties with fairness and integrity, ensuring that justice is served.
Rae Hamoonga

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