Thursday: 13th December, 2023

Government has continued to deliver infrastructure development to improve economic activities inclusive the communication sector in remote areas of the Country in order to improve the livelihoods of the indigenous inhabitants says Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati.

Addressing a thrilled crowd of the Lunga inhabitants of Luapula Province, in Lunga District, at the ground breaking of the construction of a Mobile Network Telecommunication Tower and a Postal Services Office, the Minister said the construction and installation of a Tower will improve and enhance on local economic activities amongst the people of Lunga so as to attain an inclusive communication and mobile networked – accessible society.

The Minister emphasised that once the contractor moves on site to commence the labour construction works, the initial workforce priority will be given to the local people so as to empower them by undertaking jobs that will help to earn an income and improve the community livelihoods.

Regarding calls and concerns on the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) facility management the Minister told the gathering that the local Council administration operations have been realigned, by the Ministry of Local Government, to effectively facilitate the CDF suitably to various identified projects so as to service a great mass of the people in view of President Hakainde Hichilema’s vision to equally spread the resources inclusive Lunga district.

He said the leadership is concerned and in full support to invest in the construction of a school, a health post among others and supporting school leavers with sponsorship opportunities to pursue tertiary education using the proceeds of the CDF.

The Minister said Government is also concerned and cautiously making efforts to enhance on the distribution of agriculture farm inputs by harmonising a new robust team that will applicably discharge duties diligently and provide a service to the community.

He in actual fact told a cheering and interactive crowd that all officials involved in curtailing government efforts in the distribution of seed and fertilizer will be replaced without fail.

And Luapula Province Minister Njanvwa Simutowe said Government is delivering tangible developmental initiatives in Lunga district with a full back up of President Hichilema’s vision to uplift the livelihoods of Lunga people.

He called on the community to monitor ongoing developmental projects so as to realise long-lasting infrastructure and safe guard the investments of the benefit of not the people present but also for future generations.

The Provincial Minister said the revised 2024 CDF to 30.6 Million Kwacha will largely provide for all developmental requisites in Lunga.

In his brief remarks Smart Zambia National Coordinator Percy Chinyama appreciated the extension of the StarLink internet connectivity that has proved effective service from the earlier administration installation and usage point of view but now motivated with an extension to tap and service the people in far flung communities.

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