By: Namasiku C. Njovu – Public Relations Officer

Agriculture remains the key priority sector in the growth and poverty reduction agenda of Zambia.

And the agricultural sector has indeed continued to be the backbone of our economy, as a nation.

This is why youths of Chikankata District have taken advantage of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to get empowered, by venturing into agriculture as a source of their livelihood.

Kasengo Hillclub of Kasengo Ward is one such of a Youth group which benefitted from the CDF Empowerment Loans to venture in agriculture.

The youths have invested the funds into chicken rearing, tomato and maize growing, which have already started yielding many benefits.

Club Chairperson, Nchimunya Biemba has thanked President Hakainde Hichilema for identifying youths as shapers of the country’s economy, which he says should be commended by every well-meaning young person.

Nchimunya says the only way Zambian youths can show appreciation to government for what it is doing for them, is by taking advantage of the funds and using them for the intended purpose; which is to improve the livelihood of citizens.

He has since challenged his fellow youths to stop being lazy and make a difference, by taking advantage of the empowerment funds which the new dawn government is giving and be independent, instead of just waiting for white-collar jobs.

Another member of the club, Wilfred Mweemba has encouraged youths in the country never to doubt the power of CDF and its positive impacts on livelihood.

Wilfred says agriculture should never be underestimated because the sector has the potential to change one’s status in society.

Indeed, the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) continues to be a game-changer, and all that is required is change of mindset and believing in one’s potential.

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