Invest in Zambia Tourism meeting set


Monday January 22,2024 madrid –

The Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the World Tourism Organisation is set to host the ‘Invest in Zambia Tourism’ Meeting on the 23rd of January 2024 in Madrid, Spain.

The meeting will be held on the sidelines of the annual International Tourism Trade Fair hosted by the Fair Institution of Madrid (IFEMA), a prominent institution that specialises in organising fairs, halls and congresses in their facilities in Madrid.

The annual International Tourism Trade Fair is the largest global meeting for tourism professionals and world travellers.

The side meeting aims to attract tourism professionals in Spain and globally, encouraging partnerships with Zambian counterparts or would-be start up tourism ventures.

The ultimate goal is to unlock the full potential of the sector and maximise its contribution to Zambia’s economic growth.

Zambia is emerging as a prime investment destination for tourism in Africa due to its unspoilt nature, rich variety of safari wildlife including an unmatched variety of bird species, vast sandy beaches, numerous inland river systems and captivating waterfalls.

The country offers abundant opportunities for sustainable tourism. Zambia has also demonstrated its steadfast commitment in the protection of endangered species and their habitats.

Other attributes that make Zambia a truly rising tourism hub investment are its unique land-linked connectivity and membership to SADC and COMESA, providing market access to eight countries and a potential market to over nine hundred million people.

Its readily available workforce, particularly its human capital and dynamic youth population, and the revamped public-private partnership business model serve as additional compelling factors for Zambia’s representation at the upcoming tourism fair.

Furthermore, Zambia has earned recognition from the Association of British Travel Agents, securing a place among the top 10 hotspots for travellers in 2024.

Therefore, the upcoming international tourism fair presents an opportunity to increase Zambia’s visibility as a preferred destination to international travellers too.

Zambia’s attendance of 2024 FITUR will further provide a platform to connect with valuable partners through in-person events, facilitating the exploration of opportunities and partnerships with travel agencies, accommodation providers, destinations, and innovation solutions to boost travel business.

The delegation will leverage various networking platforms, with a special focus on sports business travel, women leading in tourism aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals and technology business, destinations, and tourism sustainability among other platforms.

These platforms will provide an opportunity to appreciate current global trends with tourism professionals and experts in the respective tourism sub-sectors.

Active participation at the fair gives the Zambian delegation room not only to benchmark future implementation and diversification of the tourism sector in Zambia but also to position the country as a preferred tourism and investment destination of choice for the Spanish and European markets.

The Zambian delegation is being led by Ministry of Tourism Permanent Secretary Mr Evans Muhanga who is accompanied by senior government officials, the Zambian Embassy in France accredited to Spain, and the Zambian private sector.

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