ZAMMSA’s Response to Healthcare Supply Shortages

“Strategic Initiatives”

… ZAMMSA’s Response to Healthcare Supply Shortages

The Zambia Medicines and Medical Agency (ZAMMSA) has taken decisive action to address shortages of crucial medicines and medical supplies in primary and secondary healthcare facilities.

Victor Nyasulu, ZAMMSA’s Director General, emphasized this during a media briefing, highlighting the agency’s swift response upon identifying the shortages.

He stated that ZAMMSA’s strategy focuses on improving efficiency in securing essential health commodities, resulting in significant enhancements to procurement processes and operational streamlining to ensure uninterrupted healthcare delivery.

A critical aspect of ZAMMSA’s strategy involves collaborating with local suppliers, as demonstrated by recent contracts totaling nearly 700 million kwacha, aimed at fostering economic growth and strengthening the local pharmaceutical industry.

Additionally, Nyasulu acknowledged the invaluable support of cooperating partners and donors, recognizing the collective effort required to effectively address health challenges.

Increased funding from the Government of Zambia is crucial in enabling ZAMMSA to fulfill its mandate efficiently, thereby ensuring the availability of essential medicines and supplies.

He mentioned that the agency is committed to continuous improvement and intends to enhance monitoring and evaluation efforts to continually refine operations.

He stressed that prioritizing transparency and accountability will be essential in optimizing ZAMMSA’s impact on public health outcomes as it aims for excellence in service delivery.

“ZAMMSA’s proactive stance and commitment to collaboration highlight its pivotal role in ensuring access to essential medicines and medical supplies in Zambia,” he said.

“With a focus on innovation and partnership, ZAMMSA is well-positioned to effectively address current and future healthcare challenges, safeguarding the well-being of the nation’s citizens,” he added.

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