Rufunsa, Sunday (March 3, 2024)

CHILDREN of Rufunsa District in Lusaka Province say their voices are being drowned because the District has no access to radio or television stations.

They have since pleaded for the establishment of the first ever radio or television station in District.

The children are worried that they are denied access to information, education and entertainment because of the absence of traditional media.

One of the children, Charity Nkausu, of Chimusanya Secondary School in Rufunsa District said the voices of children would be amplified if they had a radio or TV station in the area.

This came to light at a ChildFund event in Rufunsa District to mark the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting – ICDB, commemorated on March 3rd, every year.

ICDB is a special day when children take over TV and radio stations to air their views on various issues affecting their lives.

“Here in Rufunsa District, we do not have a radio or television station and yet we have so many stories to share with the Country and the world at large. Our appeal is that give us a radio or television station. Let us learn from the dreams of a child in Africa, the struggle of a child in Asia, the aspirations of a child in South America and the adventure of a child in Europe. Let us celebrate the diversity of races and the richness of our experiences. Together, let us build a world where every child’s right and story matters, where every child’s voice is heard and where every child’s view is within reach,” Nkausu said.

Meanwhile, ChildFund Zambia Country Director Simba Machingaidze said in many parts of the world, Zambia included, children continue to face barriers that prevent them from fully realizing their rights.

“Therefore, on this important day, let us commit ourselves towards championing the rights of children by ensuring that their voices are heard and respected,” he said.

Mr. Machingaidze said there is need to continue striving to create inclusive spaces where children can express themselves freely without fear of discrimination.

This is contained in a statement issued by ChildFund Zambia Communications Specialist Priscilla Chama-Mpengula.

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