24th May 2024

Governance and Development Advocates Zambia says Zambia, like many other African nations, faces a complex interplay of political, economic, and social challenges.

Executive Director Elias Mulenga says Celebrating African Freedom Day is a significant event that honors the continent’s struggle for independence and self-determination. Despite economic challenges,

Mr Mulenga said President Hakainde Hichilema has emphasized the importance of this day and the need for economic freedom to accompany political freedom the Theme for this year’s 2024 is dubed as educate an African fit for the 21st century the celebrations are “accelerating on the African Continental Free Trade area implementation,” focusing on driving trade and investment among African countries for sustainable economic development.

Mulenga noted that on the political climate, there have been rising tensions ahead of the 2026 elections, with the jailing of an opposition leader and issues surrounding former President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Mulenga says former President Edgar Lungu has claimed to be under practical house arrest which misrepresents the state of Political affairs and scenario making a lie to come out as the truth.

Mr Mulenga said that there have been controversies involving the police and members of the Catholic Church which controversy the government through Minister of home affairs took full responsibility and apologized on behalf of the Police putting these matters to rest.

Mr Mulenga said the relationship between the UPND government and the Catholic Church has seen efforts to pursue peace and unity, with government delegations engaging in dialogue with church leaders However, there have also been reports of tensions and disagreements which does not sit well with the tenets of Democracy and oneness.

Mulenga says in light of these dynamics, Zambia’s celebration of African Freedom Day can be seen as an opportunity to reflect on the nation’s achievements and challenges. It’s a day to remember the past struggles and to look forward to addressing current issues with a spirit of unity and determination.

He said the day serves as a reminder of the ongoing journey towards economic and political stability, where every citizen’s contribution is vital for the nation’s progress and achievements

Mulenga said Celebrating such a day can provide a sense of continuity and hope, even amidst of difficulties.

He called on all Political players to unite and liberate Zambia from political colonisation for the sake of Zambias unity of our people.

Mr Mulenga said Zambia is under a state of emergency as the nation is running under the declaration of national disaster on drought and food shortages in the country.

He said Politicians should use Africa freedom day to address national matters affecting the citizens unlike championing their Political interests.

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