December 10th 2023

Governance and Development Advocates Zambia Executive Director Elias Mulenga has condemned some sections of society who have abandoned the cause of uniting the Nation.

He said such people are now slowly pushing innuendos to cause breach of peace in the Country.

Mr Mulenga said It is worrying to see former President, Edgar Lungu, insinuate that Democracy is shrinking in Zambia and calling for his colleagues to rise up and fight the battle, which is nonexistent.

He said former President is at the helm of the internal Party wrangles and should take responsibility of insuring sanity in the former PF Party while following the Court proceedings as the leadership issues were being addressed by the competent courts.

Mr Mulenga said that the Zambia Police is fully aware of the factions and wrangles hence their heavy presence in Kabwe yesterday as routing ways of maintaining peace and order.

He said there was no need for the former head of state to be present in Kabwe when he is fully aware that the meeting of PF1 and PF 2 would spark anarchy.

Mr Mulenga has called on the New Dawn Administration, being custodians of the Republican Constitution, to defend it and allow people’s views to be expressed in a noble manner.

He advised that it is not healthy for the Government to be accused in cheap political matters when the country is expecting productive results on the measures put in place to address the high cost of living and the hard economic challenges facing citizens.

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