The said recorded phone conversation has nothing to do with me as a businessman and sinazongwe MP-Hon Sialubalo

Dear esteemed citizens of Zambia,

I wish to address an unfortunate situation that has come to my attention. There is a recorded phone conversation circulating which maliciously links me to a botched business deal. I want to categorically state that the said conversation has nothing to do with me as a businessman and a member of parliament.

I want to assure you that my business track record is impeccable and traceable. I have never borrowed funds and failed to pay back. The audio that is circulating has no connection with my recent transactions as a Zambian businessman.

I understand that there are accusations that I owe a mine in the constituency I represent, Sinazongwe. I want to make it clear that those reports are untrue and reflect a shameful motive to tarnish my name. I do not own any mine in Sinazongwe, and the names of traditional leaders who have been mentioned do not exist in Sinazongwe.

As a member of parliament in Sinazongwe, my focus is on delivering development in line with the New Dawn administration. I will not be swayed by malicious motives of known political conmen. It is my request to all stakeholders, especially the media, to counter-check the accusations and allow the truth to prevail.

I ask for your support during these challenging times, and I remain committed to serving you with integrity and dedication.

Yours in Service.
Gift Sialubalo
Member of Parliament-Sinazongwe

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