Be prompt and professional in dealing with those in the habit of issuing divisive tribal remarks-Commissioner Chikuse urges the police.

Zambia Police Service Commissioner Leslie Chikuse has urged the police to be prompt and professional in dealing with individuals that are in the habit of issuing divisive tribal remarks.

Mr Chikuse has described as unfortunate the rising number of opposition Members of Parliament who have been holding press briefings and taking to social media issuing tribal remarks, urging citizens to rise against the State.

He has further urged the general citizenry to also desist from issuing tribal remarks or threatening violence.

The police commissioner states that people need to adopt decent politics, adding that it is not a must for one to be arrested before they can become an MP or President.

He states that they only risk disadvantaging their families where some of them may be breadwinners, as they will end up in police custody.
Mr Chikuse says people should prevent avoidable arrests, without prompting the police to arrest them.

He adds that there is need to promote unity in Zambia and create a good legacy for generations to come, as the country has always had a closely knit family set up.

He has also questioned whether the move of those issuing divisive remarks is for personal or national benefit, wondering how they will provide leadership over a divided nation.

The police commissioner says there are more pertinent things that the nation should focus on such as the drought that has affected various parts of the country, as well as Zambia’s debt situation.

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