President Hakainde Hichilema today addressed the nation on issues of national interest.

Below are the highlights:
✅No one should be allowed to divide Zambia because it is the heritage which citizens must be proud of without any form of discrimination.
✅Divisive talk, hate speech, have no place in our country.
✅Cabinet has resolved to increase the penalty on theft and that includes those stealing electric cables.
✅Government is compelled to use the law for behavioural change in the country since some individuals are not willing to change despite being counselled several times.
✅President Hichilema announced that Cabinet approved the incorporation of national unity-focused topics into the school curriculum.
✅This decision aims to address the issues of tribalism and hate speech among the younger generation, with the goal of cultivating a deeper understanding and appreciation for the country’s diverse culture.
✅The President pledged to sponsor those involved in spreading hatred for a study tour in Rwanda using his own resources to learn what escalated into the Hutu-Tutsi tribal war.
✅No individual will hide behind a political party, Church or Civil society members, you break the law, the police take you.
✅Mr Hakainde Hichilema said he does not want to be the President who is produced by thugs.
✅Called for the arrest of youths who disrupted public order and verbally abused innocent citizens on some roads in Lusaka yesterday.
✅The fight against corruption shall continue and we have amended pieces of legislation that were standing in the way.
✅Government will continue on the path of asset recovery and prosecution because there is no room for theft.
✅Yesterday, Cabinet also agreed to increase penalties for all that steal and vandalize property meant for the people.
✅President Hichilema said he will set up a tribunal to investigate the misuse of public loans intended for public works, such as construction of roads, that were not utilized as intended.
✅Rebuilding the economy is government’s top agenda which requires extra support
✅Government will continue to work hard for the people amidst drought, energy and food insecurity.
✅The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved an additional of over $400 million dollars to assist in the response towards the drought response.
✅In order to reduce the cost of living for the families of SMEs, Government has also increased the Social Cash Transfer, including a lot of women.
✅Government has realigned the 2024 budget to take out non-essential expenditure thereby freeing up resources which will be directed to where they are needed most.
✅Government will soon liaise with the Banks and pension houses to finance the energy mix expansion.

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