Task Force Crackdown: 13 Arrested, 6,090 Litres Seized in Illegal Fuel Bust Across Lusaka

Lusaka, Saturday March 30th, 2024 – The Task Force on Illegal Fuel Vending,
comprising law enforcement agencies and security wings, facilitated by the Energy
Regulation Board (ERB) and led by the Drug Enforcement Commission, conducted raids
on suspected illegal fuel vending sites in and around Lusaka. The operation, which
commenced on Thursday and continued until Friday morning, aimed at curbing the
rampant illegal fuel vending across the country.
During the operation, 13 people were arrested for offences related to illegal fuel
dealings. All apprehended suspects are currently detained in police custody and are
awaiting formal charges. During the operation, officers seized approximately 6,090 litres
of fuel worth over ZMW188,000.
These include 17 drums and 80 twenty-litre containers from Lusaka and 46 twenty-litre
containers from Shimabala, Kafue, Turnpike and Nasenga areas. Other items seized
included four (04) pumps, a total sum of ZMW 25,825 in cash, two (2) bicycles, three (3)
Cell phones, 06 X 1000L empty plastic pellet containers, 53 X 210L empty metallic and
plastic drums and several assorted empty plastic 20L containers.
The Task Force on Illegal Fuel Vending will remain resolute and committed to eradicating
illegal fuel vending in the country as Illegal fuel vending undermines national revenue
through tax evasion, jeopardizes engine performance on the vehicles of those that use it
due to the uncertain quality of fuel, and poses significant public safety risks due to
improper storage, potentially leading to fires and loss of life and property.
A stern warning is issued to those engaging in illegal fuel vending to desist from the vice
or face the long arm of the law. The Task Force has pledged continued partnership with
the members of the public who consistently report suspected illegal fuel vending

For media inquiries, please contact:
Namukolo Kasumpa
Energy Regulation Board Manager Public Relations

Mwenge Mulenga
Drug Enforcement Commission Public Relations Officer

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