Stakeholders in Chililabombwe collaborate to fight and prevent Cholera


Chililabombwe-10th January 2023

By Nambela Mwandia Kyombela

Stakeholders in ChilBy Nambela Mwandia Kyombelailabombwe District have held several consultative meetings to address the scourge of Cholera outbreak and diarrheal diseases and possible solutions to fight and prevent the disease.

Government institutions, the private sector , church mother bodies held an engagement meeting on Tuesday 8th January 2023 at the Council Chamber to discuss possible solutions to address the outbreak of Cholera and diarrheal diseases.

Chairing the meeting Chililabombwe District Commissioner Ms Precious Njekwa confirmed that the district had recorded two (02) cases of Cholera which are imported cases from two truck drivers from Lusaka enroute to DRC.

The District Commissioner called on unified and coordinated efforts from all stakeholders to manage and mitigate the infectious disease.

She added that all restaurants and food premises abrogating the Food safety Act should be shut down to prevent the spread of the infectious disease.

Meanwhile, Chililabombwe Mayor Mr.Lucky Sichone said that apart from sensitizing community members to boil drinking water more awareness about Cholera prevention should be done on Truck drivers coming in and out of Chililabombwe.

“We are aware that the current reported cases of Cholera are imported cases and our sincere hope is that the two reported are treated and the district goes back to a zero record of cholera cases,”the Mayor said.

Mr Lucky Sichone has since called on all Civic leaders (Councillors) to extensively sensitize locals on Cholera preventive measures.

And Chililabombwe Council Director Public Health Dr Sakanyi has called on residents, companies to preach and spread word on proper disposal of waste within communities.

Dr.Sakanyi added that indiscriminate disposal of waste is one of the leading causes of Cholera and diarrheal disease outbreak.
Meanwhile, Chililabombwe district Health Director Dr.Kaputula charged that the two patients who have reported Cholera cases are responding well to treatment and will soon be discharged.

The District Health Director called on all to uphold best hygiene standards and those with surfacing symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea to rush to the nearest clinic for treatment.
He added that the district has all the Kits needed for treatment.

Stakeholders from the Constituency Development Fund Committee( Mr Richard Kalumba) pledged Cholera beds, while Avic international and Lubambe in the interim pledged water bowsers to provide water to areas with eratic water supply within the district.
All stakeholders present agreed to conduct an massive clean up exercise this friday at Kasumbalesa border as one of the activities to fight and prevent Cholers outbreak within the district.

Stakeholders present included Chililabombwe Municipal Council, the District Administrative office, ZRA, KCM, Lubambe, Avic International,Forestry, Kobold metal, Zambia Police,Mulonga, National Assembly, Zanis and Pastors Fellowship among others.

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