Lusaka, Wednesday (January 3, 2024)

Socialist Party – SP Media Director Brian Hapunda says Dr. Fred M’membe will be in State House come 2026 as he is Zambia’s President in waiting.

Mr. Hapunda said Dr. M’membe has not given up on the race for Republican Presidency as insinuated by the ruling UPND on various platforms.

He described the UPND propaganda as fictitious and malicious adding that the ruling party is under panic for failing to fulfil campaign promises.

Mr. Hapunda reminded UPND that the CDF Projects being talked about will only be meaningful if seen and not just talked about.

The SP Media Director said Zambians have been subjected to a high cost of living following the high cost of mealie meal, fuel, electricity and transport.

Mr. Hapunda said patients are grappling with challenges as there is no medicine in health facilities.

He said the Agriculture Sector has performed poorly under the UPND because most people who were on FISP did not receive their allocations after being removed erroneously from the list.

Mr. Hapunda urged UPND to get back to the drawing board to fulfill the development they promised the people of Zambia.

He said Dr. M’membe and the SP in general will continue to remind UPND on cheap mealie meal, fuel and fertilizer they promised Zambians.

Mr. Hapunda said Zambians are waiting for Medicine in health care facilities and a stable exchange rate.

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