Hichilema to visit National Heroes Stadium



President Hakainde Hichilema is today expected to visit National Heroes Stadium, which is the national cholera treatment centre.


President Hichilema said everything will be done to contain cholera.


“The priority is to bring the disease under control,” he said.


“We have to accelerate vaccine production. We will have to put all our hands on the deck. We need to access cholera vaccines from wherever.


“We are looking at immediate access to vaccines as we are working on manufacturing them.”


The President conveyed his condolences to the families which have lost relatives due to the cholera outbreak. “These are fellow citizens who we have lost,” he said.


“The country is going through a very difficult situation at the moment. We are in this situation that the country opens the year with a dreadful and terrible disease called cholera, which has taken a lot of people.


“We can’t afford any more loss of lives. It is clear, from the statistics which have been released, that a number of our citizens go to seek medical treatment late. Please, do not stay at home when you are feeling unwell. Please, fellow citizens, when you feel unwell, do not hesitate to seek medical treatment. Do not waste time.”


Credit: Zambia Daily Mail

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