PS kawana distances HH and his Government from PF wrangles.

Highlights from the Press briefing held by Ministry of Information and Media Permanent Secretary Thabo Kawana today.

✅The President of the Republic of Zambia Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and his Government has nothing to do with the squabbles in the former ruling party.

✅The wrangles in the Patriotic Front (PF) are historical as they span back from the time of their founding Party President Mr. Michael Sata who at some point expelled a number of members of Parliament.

✅After the demise of President Michael Sata, the Patriotic Front was again engulfed intra-party wrangles following the decision to settle for Edgar Lungu as Party President as Miles Sampa decided to seek legal redress in Court.

✅The current disputes in the former ruling party are again about former President Edgar Lungu and Miles Sampa and that has nothing to do with external forces.

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